8 Reasons Why You Should Use Miswak Toothpaste

Have you heard of miswak toothpaste before?

Dating back to the Babylonian empire, humans have used miswak sticks (the toothbrush tree) to clean their teeth for thousands of years! It isn’t found in normal toothpastes anymore, but miswak paste can be incredibly effective.

In fact, even the World Health Organization recommends miswak for oral hygiene.


The benefits of Miswak

Miswak stems are full of natural substances like trimethylamide, vitamin C and flavodine. These substances act as a kind of natural toothpaste to improve your oral health.


1. Cleans the teeth

Miswak contains silica, which is a very gentle abrasive. This helps to clean food debris off your teeth and gums!


2. Prevents gingivitis (Gum problems)

Found in miswak paste, tannic acid and trimethylamide help to prevent gingivitis. Gingivitis refers to gum inflammation, and normally happens due to a bacterial infection. 


3. Antibacterial

Miswak stick

Bacteria cause most gum infections. That’s where miswak paste can help!

Miswak contains safe and natural amounts of alkaloids and sulfur, which are effective at killing off bacteria.


4. Prevents cavities

Miswak contains a safe resinous substance. This resin protects tooth enamel, strengthens your teeth and prevents cavities.


5. Prevents bad breath

Miswak also contains oils which produce a distinctive aroma, driving away bad breath. These natural essential oils can also balance your mouth’s pH.

If you’re currently pregnant and looking for a way to deal with bad breath, miswak paste could help you do the trick.


6. Cures mouth sores

Do you have mouth sores or ulcers? Miswak contains Vitamin C, which repairs damaged tissue and heals your ulcers quickly.


7. Prevents tartar

Additionally, the chloride content in miswak prevents the build up of tartar in your mouth.

This can help to protect your teeth from problems as you age.


8. Miswak contains good chemicals found in ordinary toothpaste too!

A single miswak stem can contain loads of good chemicals found in ordinary toothpaste, such as:

  • Sodium bicarbonate, which removes food debris and prevents plaque.
  • Calcium, which strengthens your tooth enamel.
  • Sterol, which helps lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Miswak can have countless benefits for your oral health. Apart from just being a natural ingredient, it contains loads of great chemicals that help to preserve and protect your teeth and gums. Studies show that miswak paste can be even more effective than ordinary toothpaste.

That’s why we’ve decided to include it in our Mama’s Choice Non-Fluoride toothpaste!


Mama’s Choice Non-Fluoride Toothpaste – The perfect miswak toothpaste for you!

Miswak, Allantoin, Chlorophyll and Mint. Mama's Choice Non-Fluoride toothpaste.

Why we think this miswak toothpaste is great

Well, we think it’s great because we use natural ingredients like miswak, allantoin and mint!

With this ingredient combination, we’ve specially developed a toothpaste that cleans your teeth really well.

Through our countless studies and lab-testing in Singapore, we’ve also developed a beautiful, crisp flavour that refreshes your breath and lets you start the day on a wonderful note.

Additionally, we’ve taken special care to make sure that our toothpaste is safe for mums. By substituting chemical fluoride for Miswak, your baby is protected a lot better from the effects of fluoride poisoning.

Our toothpaste is specially developed for pregnant mums (though anyone can use it!). That means we’ve stuck to the highest degree of ingredient safety and quality, making sure that all our ingredients are as safe and natural as possible.

Finally, we don’t use any artificial dyes or colouring! Our toothpaste is green thanks to the natural colour of chlorophyll, which is an ingredient in our toothpaste.

Use our Mama’s Choice Non-Fluoride toothpaste as your safe, halal and natural maternity toothpaste!

Where can I find this miswak toothpaste?

You can get our miswak toothpaste for just RM 13.90 on Shopee or Lazada. Click on the image below to head to our store! 🙂


Author Raymond Santosa

Raymond Santosa


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