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Breast Milk Collection Shells

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With Mama’s Choice Breast Milk Collection Shells, save and store every drop while you go about your day!

Why Use Mama’s Choice Breast Milk Collection Shells?

✅ Holds up to 20ml of breast milk

✅ Keeps your clothes dry and prevents milk from leaking

✅ Lets you move freely without worrying about leaking

✅ Easy to put on and remove

✅ Made of safe and quality materials that keep breast milk sterile

How to Use

How To Use Mama’s Choice Breast Milk Collection Shells:

1️⃣ Place the shells over the nipples and tuck it inside your bra

2️⃣ Transfer the milk into a bottle when shells are full

3️⃣ Wash after use and store in a cool, dry place


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