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Breast Milk Storage Bag

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Never worry about where to store your breastmilk! Mama’s Choice Breastmilk Storage Bag is a practical and durable storage option that doesn’t just make it storage easier than ever but also ensures your breast milk and its nutrients are safe and secure.


💡 1 box contains 30 storage bags (120 ml/4.05oz capacity per bag)



⚠️ Do not warm breast milk by boiling or using the microwave

⚠️ This product should only be used once





How to Use

Why Choose Mama’s Choice Breastmilk Storage Bag:

✅ Made of food grade and BPA-free materials

✅ Holds up to 120 ml of breasetmilk

✅ Thick and strong so it lasts a long time in the freezer

✅ Pre-sterilized, so it’s safe to use right away

✅ Equipped with Advanced Oxygen Barrier which helps retain breast milk’s nutrients

✅ Thermal Sensor

✅ Self standing & dustproof

✅ Leak Proof


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