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Gentle Face Wash

33 reviews
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Want that pregnancy glow? Get it naturally, with our gentle face wash. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and combination skin

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Instead of having dust, dirt and makeup residue on your face, why not replace that with a pregnancy glow? Mama’s Choice Gentle Face Wash is enriched with rice extract and hydrolyzed collagen extract. It cleanses the skin naturally, and safely.

Safe for: Pregnancy, Breastfeeding

How to Use

Rinse your face with water first, then squeeze the bottle gently to release the product. The optimal amount of product to use would be the width of two fingers. Then, wash your face with the product, gently massaging your skin. Rinse after.

Key Ingredients


Rice Extract

An ancient source of beneficial nutrients that has anti-inflammatory and calming effects to provide long-term skin hydration.


Options Face Wash, Face Care Bundle, Advanced Skin Therapy Bundle


5.033 reviews
  1. saradzulaikha97

    Pencuci muka yang bagus

    Face wash ni sesuai ngn kulit saya..
    Lps cuci lembut je muka..
    Kli kedua repeat👍👍👍

  2. saradzulaikha97

    Kulit sensitif saya approve!

    Kulit saya sensitif tapi setakat ni pakai takde rasa pedih2 ke apa.. kira okay laa… Memang cari produk yang sesuai untuk preggy mama… Tqqqqq

  3. saradzulaikha97

    Servis terbaik!

    Kali ke-2 repeat. Sesuai dgn kulit muka msa tengah pregnant ni. Penghantaran pn pantas.

  4. saradzulaikha97

    Service terbaik!

    Alhamdulillah, barang sampai dlm keadaan yang baik
    Pembungkusan elok
    Penghantaran cepat
    2nd time beli..mmg best gunakannya
    Insya Allah akan repeat lg

  5. saradzulaikha97

    Husband pun suka sebab lembut pada skin

    Guna dari pregnant lagi…. Dah bersalin pun guna lagi… Tq… Dapat dalam keadaan baik

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