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Highwaist Shaper Pants

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Get a flatter stomach and a slimmer waistline with Mama’s Choice Highwaist Shaper Pants that are designed to instantly flatten and tighten your midsection. It’s not just for your postpartum recovery Mamas because it can also be worn by anyone who wants to achieve a slimmer shape and silhouette!

Why Wear Mama’s Choice Highwaist Shaper Pants After Giving Birth:

✅ Works like a corset, effectively compresses the stomach, waist, and hips

✅ Made of cool, breathable materials

✅ Helps reduce back pain

✅ Shapes Mama’s curves for a slimmer silhouette

How to Use

Laundry Care Suggestions:

✅  Wash by hand or with a soft-bristled brush (preferably rubbed gently)

✅  Do not soak Mama’s Choice High Waist Shaper Pants in detergent for a long time (it is recommended not to use bleach)

✅  Do not squeeze too forcefully to maintain the texture and shape of the pants

✅  Avoid drying in direct sunlight

✅  Do not hang, position the pants flat when drying


Colour Black, Cream


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