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Portable Baby Changing Pad

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Changing your baby’s diaper is a more comfortable, convenient, and stress-free experience with Mama’s Choice Portable Changing Pad. Light and travel-friendly, our... changing pad can be easily stored in your bag so you can change your little one’s diaper wherever you are.

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Though compact, this changing pad expands to a spacious 50x70cm–giving your baby plenty of room. The durable and waterproof material also guarantees that your baby stays comfortable and protected from germs too!

Why Choose Mama’s Choice Portable Changing Pad:

✅  Ensures hygienic diaper changing on the go

✅  Expands to a large area of 50x70cm so your baby has plenty of room to comfortably wiggle around

✅  Easily folds into a 17x28cm pouch for portability

✅  With a pocket for storing tissue, clothes, diaper, and more

✅  Cushioned mat for baby’s comfort

✅  Comes with a strap for hanging on the stroller

✅  100% waterproof, stain-resistant, and easy to clean

✅  100% BPA-free, lead-free and phthalates-free

✅  Weighs less than 500 grams


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