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Mama’s Daily Routine Kit

7 reviews
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Enjoy a complete daily package filled with mother’s essentials! Specially made for moms who want a complete package of Mama’s Choice best haircare, oral... care & face care items for use everyday.

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Enjoy a complete daily package filled with mother’s essentials! Specially made for moms who want a complete package of Mama’s Choice best haircare, oral care & face care items for use everyday.

Why use Mama’s Choice Non-fluoride Toothpaste?
✅ Reduces plaque formation and fight tooth decay without any harmful chemicals or unnatural additives
✅ Support healthy gums and teeth.
✅ With a selection of natural ingredients specifically used to soothe inflamed gums, combat bacterial growth, and protect against cavities.
✅ Fluoride-free maternity toothpaste formulated with natural ingredients such as miswak, calcium, allantoin, chlorophyll, and mint extract
✅ Safe for those with sensitive enamel
✅ Gentle & mild formula suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers
✅ Alcohol-free | Sls-free. | Fluoride-free. | Triclosan-free | Paraben-free | No. Dyes or artificial flavors

Why Use Mama’s Choice Natural Mouthwash?
✅ Provides long-lasting fresh breath
✅ Infused with mint flavour to help relieve symptoms of nausea and morning sickness
✅ A combination of natural ingredients used to prevent plaque-causing bacteria and soothe inflamed gums
✅ Alcohol-free and fluoride-free mouthwash formulated with natural ingredients such as chlorophyll, allantoin, and mint extract
✅ Gentle formula suitable for sensitive teeth and pregnant and nursing mothers
✅ Available in a travel-size bottle perfect for working mothers who are always on the go

Why choose Mama’s Choice Gentle Face Wash:
✅ Dust, dirt, and makeup residues
✅ Leaves skin soft and glowing
✅ Brightens the skin.
✅ Formulated specially for pregnant and breastfeeding mums
✅ Suble for all skin types.
✅ Gentle on sensitive skin.

Why use Mama’s Choice Treatment Shampoo?
✅ Made with natural ingredients of kiwi, hazelnut, and greek pea (peas)
✅ Formulated without sls / sles, parabens, dyes, alcohol, and silicone
✅ Ideal for pregnant women
✅ # reduces hair loss
✅ Stimulates hair growth
✅ Increase hair root strength
✅ Cleanses hair throughly

Why use Mama’s Choice Treatment Conditioner?
✅ Created as a special hair care for pregnant and lactating women
✅ Works as a hair moisturizing without harmonious ingredients such as silicones and parabens
✅ Effective in nourishing the scalp.
✅ Reduces hair loss
✅ Moisturizing hair.
✅ Natural oils restoration
✅ Certain hair elasticity
✅ Prevents tangling hair.

Key Ingredients



Known for its antibacterial properties, it prevents the growth of harmful oral bacteria and rebuilds weakened tooth enamel.


Renowned for its deodorizing properties, it reduces bad breath and prevents plaque formation.


Natural anti-inflammatoary properties that relieves irritation and helps protect teeth against acid erosion.

Rice Extract

An ancient source of beneficial nutrients that has anti-inflammatory and calming effects to provide long-term skin hydration.


Full of zinc, a key mineral to keep hair healthy by strengthening roots


46.7 reviews
  1. kahlis (verified owner)


    i love that its pink! and sls and paraben free. their website did a pretty good job at explaining this. i think moms need to know what ingredients are safe and not safe. thank you Mamas choice!

  2. Hanisah (verified owner)


    gonna give 4 stars for fast delivery and just because i am a first time user. but everything looks great so far. skin adapts well to face wash and shampoo. smells good too!

  3. Harshiny (verified owner)


    packaging was soo nice and safely packed. great for gifts too. i tried the toothpaste and mouth wash for the first time. love it! Am familiar with the rest and a repeating customer. very gentle to skin, fixed my hair loss problem. i am sold forever! greatest deal

  4. Azzah Ismail (verified owner)


    I think this brand has one of the most amazing deals. Daily essentials less than 100 bucks?? So great. and the WHOLE house uses it too? haha great value

  5. Sabarina (verified owner)


    I love that it took only one day to arrive. i think it didnt take more than 24 hours! thanks so much cant wait to try them

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