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Mozzbye Skin Protection Lotion

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Mama’s Choice Baby Mozzbye Skin Protection Lotion is a DEET-free repellent made only with the safest ingredients ideal for babies. It protects the baby’s skin... from mosquito bites for up to 8 hours!

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Our Promise


Whether your baby is sleeping, playing, or eating, mosquitoes find a way to bite into your baby’s sensitive skin. And it’s even worse when it rains, where the Aedes Aegypti mosquito that causes dengue fever is more active. If you’re worried about how to protect your baby without slathering on chemical-laden repellents, fret not because there’s a safer option for you!

Mama’s Choice Baby Mozzbye Skin Protection Lotion is a DEET-free repellent made only with the safest ingredients ideal for babies. It protects the baby’s skin from mosquito bites for up to 8 hours! Experience #OneLessWorry from mosquitoes with Mama’s Choice Mozzbye Skin Protection Lotion—as safe as Mama’s hug!

Why Choose Mama’s Choice Baby Mozzbye Skin Protection Lotion:
✅ Protects skin from mosquitoes up to 8 hours
✅ Protects and moisturizes skin without toxins
✅ Fresh fragrance
✅ Safe for baby’s sensitive skin
✅ Eco-friendly packaging

What’s Inside?
♻️ Infused with carefully selected & specially formulated natural ingredients:
♻️ Andiroba Seed Oil: Protects baby’s sensitive skin from itching due to mosquito bites
♻️ Lavender Oil: Helps soothe and moisturize baby’s skin
♻️ Citronella Oil: Has a refreshing scent that repels mosquitoes

Our Brand Promise:
💖 DEET-free
💖 Toxin-free
💖 Allergen-free
💖 Natural ingredients
💖 Dermatologically tested
💖 Clinically tested
💖 Hypoallergenic
💖 Halal

How to Use

1. Pour Mama’s Choice Mozzbye Skin Protection Lotion on your palms
2. Apply on the arms and legs
3. Dress your baby in clothes that don’t expose too much skin
4. Use mosquito nets

Key Ingredients


Andiroba Seed Oil

Protects sensitive skin from itching caused by mosquito bites.


Natural herbs known for their relaxing properties which help to relieve stress and anxiety, ease tension and alleviate back pain.

Citronella Oil

Gives off a refreshing aroma that repels mosquitoes.


Volume 50 ml


5.08 reviews
  1. Hilma

    Love how they educate us on the product

    I am a mother of 2 and never once i thought of buying insect repelling cream. now that i discover this, i will keep it in mind for every outdoor activities. product wise is great. natural as they claimed because dont smell any strong fragrance and my baby boy’s sensitive skin is adapting well.

  2. Khatijah


    GOT THIS AT RM10 on TAP website. SOOO GOOD! Because my housing area has a rise in dengue cases and we’ve been spending so much time outside now. No harm for safety measure! Recommended indeed. Not sticky and fast absorption

  3. Lisa

    This is GOOD

    My baby has eczema and cant simply use any product. But this has worked for him so for. Recommended

  4. Salimah

    Love this!

    If you are an outdoor person, say no more. This is a must have because dengue is everywhereee

  5. Hui Theng


    This is goood! very practical especially for outdoor moms like me. dont have to worry about your baby being bitten by insects. I even bought one more for backup!

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