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New Anti-Colic Bottle

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Mama, did you know that swallowing air while nursing is one of the leading causes of a bloated and fussy baby? In addition, constant fussiness can be a symptom of colic. So keep your baby from getting colicky with the new Mama’s Choice Anti-Colic Baby Bottle!

Why choose Mama’s Choice New Anti-Colic Bottle?

Dual Anti-Colic Vents System to reduce air intake and reduce the risk of colic

Medical & Food Grade Silicone that is safe up to 200°C

An asymmetric and soft nipple that resembles Mama’s nipple

Ergonomic contour, easy to grip to stimulate baby’s gross motor skills

Now equipped with a handle on the neck of the 250ml bottle

Ideal for babies 0-6 months who are actively nursing


Volume 150ml-Cyan, 250ml-Cyan(handle), 250ml-Yellow(handle)

Size Information

150ml, size S nipple, suitable for 0-3 months

250ml, size M nipple, ideal for 3-6 months


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