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Non-Fluoride Toothpaste Trimester Pack

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A SLS-free natural toothpaste specially made for pregnant mothers. Formulated without fluoride, it gently cleans your teeth while leaving your breath crisp with mint... flavour.

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Our Promise


A gentle, mild and fluoride-free maternity toothpaste formulated with natural ingredients suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and their families. With no harmful chemicals or toxins such as fluoride, sls and triclosan, mama ‘s choice non-fluoride tooth paste is a safe choice for mothers and mothers-to-be.

Why use Mama’s Choice Non-fluoride Toothpaste?

  • Reduces plaque formation and fight tooth decay without any harmful chemicals or unnatural additives
  • Support healthy gums and teeth.
  • With a selection of natural ingredients specifically used to soothe inflamed gums, combat bacterial growth, and protect against cavities.
  • Fluoride-free maternity toothpaste formulated with natural ingredients such as miswak, calcium, allantoin, chlorophyll, and mint extract
  • Safe for those with sensitive enamel
  •  Gentle & mild formula suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers
  • Alcohol-free | Sls-free. | Fluoride-free. | Triclosan-free | Paraben-free | No. Dyes or artificial flavors


How to Use

Brush your teeth every morning and evening, or after every meal. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and gently brush gums and teeth in a circular motion.

For optimal effects, begin using the toothpaste from the first trimester as part of your daily teeth-cleaning routine and continue using it for at least 6 months after pregnancy.

Tip: Use it with Mama’s Choice natural mouthwash for optimum results.

Key Ingredients



Known for its antibacterial properties, it prevents the growth of harmful oral bacteria and rebuilds weakened tooth enamel.


Natural mint flavour provides a refreshing and clean breath all day long.


Renowned for its deodorizing properties, it reduces bad breath and prevents plaque formation.


Natural anti-inflammatoary properties that relieves irritation and helps protect teeth against acid erosion.


Volume 300 g


47.1 review
  1. Lily Hani (verified owner)


    Beli terus set ni sebab murah. Haritu beli satu je, okay bagus. Lepastu nampak set ni terus grab je, bila kira balik lagi murah. Cepat gila sampai. Sehari je post dah dapat. Mantap!

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