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Seamless Hands-Free Pumping Bra

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Freedom to work on tasks or simply relax while pumping without having to undress or add an additional garment to pump

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Our Promise


There’s no stopping busy mamas from pumping breast milk for her little one with Mama’s Choice Seamless Hands-Free Pumping Bra. It’s a practical pumping solution to help you go about your day even as you express milk at the same time!

Available in the following sizes:
📌Extra Large

📌90% nylon, 10% spandex
📌Hook and eye: 4 rows of 3 hooks
📌Net weight: 0.095-0.11 kg per piece


1. Lower chest circumference: M (60cm), L (63cm), XL (66cm)
2. Height from lower chest: M (4cm), L (4cm), XL (4cm)
3. Height (on the side): M (7cm), L (7cm), XL (7cm)
4. Strap length: M (30cm), L (30cm), XL (30cm)
5. Strap width: M (1.5cm), L (1.5cm), XL (1.5cm)
6. Additional strap width: M (1cm), L (1cm), XL (1cm)
7. Breastpump access’ diameter: M (9cm), L (9cm), XL (9cm)


For any query, drop us a message here and we will reply to your concern the soonest.

How to Use

Why Use Mama’s Choice Seamless Hands-Free Pumping Bra:
✅ Soft and comfortable material
✅ Easy to adjust straps
✅ Adjustable hooks
✅ Suitable for all types of breast pumps
✅ Double as a nursing bra
✅ Comes in black and nude


Colour M-Cream, L-Cream, XL-Cream, M-Black, L-Black, XL-Black


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