Choosing The Best Maternity Dress: 5 Things To Look For!

You don’t have to live through your pregnancy journey in sweat pants and baggy shirts. Here, we give you a simple guide on choosing the best maternity dress.

Dressing up will always be a joy to any woman, no matter how old they are. No matter if you have a fascination for fashion or not, dressing up is exciting for mamas because you get to show off not just your radiant and glowing self but your growing baby bump as well.

Plus, wouldn’t we all want to look back at our pregnancy photos and be amazed at how amazing we look? Now, there’s no shortage of gorgeous maternity dresses in Malaysia. However, with so many options out there, it can be pretty overwhelming. Besides, pregnancy can be costly, and splurging on a dress that may or may not meet your needs as a mama isn’t a great route.

But why exactly are maternity dresses important to a pregnant mama?

  • It ensures you are comfortably safe
  • It allows you to move more
  • It gives you more confidence

Maternity clothes may not be too crucial during the first trimester. Still, by the second trimester, it’s time that you look at investing in a few maternity clothes to last you until the end of your pregnancy.

5 Things To Look For In Choosing The Best Maternity Dress


1. Something loose and airy

While tight clothing isn’t something pregnant mamas shouldn’t wear, too tight clothing can sometimes be uncomfortable. The California Pacific Medical Center highlights that tight-fitting clothes can lead to heartburn, especially those tight on the waist.

The American Pregnancy Association also recommends avoiding tight-fitting clothes because it can increase the risk of vaginal yeast infections. With all these dangers, it’s better to go for a loose and airy dress that will allow you to move freely.

2.Stick to breathable fabrics

Feeling warmer than usual is common among pregnant mamas. As such, it’s best to keep yourself cool by wearing a maternity dress made of breathable fabric. The best materials for pregnancy are cotton, modal, and bamboo. Besides being natural, they’re soft and breathable. Try to avoid synthetic fabrics that can further warm your body too.

3. Avoid harmful dyes and fabrics

There is a vast selection of gorgeous dresses, but not all of them are safe. For instance, you’re better off skipping wrinkle-resistant maternity clothes. Although it keeps your dresses looking neat, it’s not ideal. Why? It’s because they’re treated with formaldehyde, which is dangerous for pregnant mamas and babies! It may cause skin irritations, too, like contact dermatitis.

4. Choose pieces you can wear anytime, anywhere

When shopping for maternity dresses, think ahead and go for styles, colors, and designs that can stand the test of time. Who knows? You might need it the next time you get pregnant, mama.

The best kind of dresses that can last a lifetime? A-line, empire cut, button-down, and wrap dresses are just some of the options you can choose. Moreover, go for simpler designs that you can effortlessly dress up or down.

5. Mind the price

Looking great doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. There are a variety of dresses and brands that offer beautiful dresses at affordable prices. The key here is to do your research and always compare prices before you buy!

The Best Maternity Dress For Malaysia’s Weather

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