Picky Eater Baby : Hard to Deal?

Dealing with a picky eater can be hard. But its much easier if you deal and manage them since a baby. Here we have shared with what is an picky eater, ideas to get your kids to try new food and what not to do with your picky eater child.  

What is a Picky Eater? 

Know somebody who is a “picky eater”? Picky eating refers to when a child (or adult) frequently rejects foods or consumes the same items again. The toddler and preschool years are typically when picky eating peaks. Many parents fear that their finicky eater isn’t getting the nutrition he or she needs to develop. However, he usually is.

Children frequently reject new foods. It’s a typical stage of development for children to choose foods they are already familiar with and detest those unknown to them. Even if your child may be a picky eater, they may need to get more accustomed to the meal before trying it.

Mom’s should get children to try new food when they are lil. When they are younger, kids are more inclined to adopt new foods. After toddlerhood, it becomes more challenging to convince kids to try fresh meals. 

Ideas for getting kids to try new foods


  • Consider serving the new item alongside something they already enjoy or are accustomed to. Try blending pureed foods with breast milk or infant formula for babies. Try serving a novel veggie to older kids with a dip they already like.
  • Play-acting. If they observe an adult consuming the same dish, children are more likely to give it a try. Your youngster should be encouraged to describe the food. 
  • Offer a selection of foods. If children are exposed to a variety of foods, tastes, and textures during weaning and in early childhood, they are more likely to have a diversified and balanced diet later in life. Because different foods provide different nutrients, your child should eat a range of foods. Due to the often low intake of these nutrient-dense foods in children’s diets, fruits and vegetables are especially crucial. 
  • At snack time, try introducing new items. Introduce additional foods from the same food category or comparable foods at this point. For instance, offer your youngster a snack of two to three different fruits or vegetables. 



What not to do to your picky eater child 

  • Forcing food to your child. Children who are made to eat by force typically end up eating less. Children who are forced learn to depend on others to tell them how much to eat and how they should feel. Neither excellent eating habits nor high self-esteem result from this. In fact, some studies have indicated that pressuring kids to eat can exacerbate their finicky eating habits. 
  • It can be beneficial to think of eating as each of you and your child having a separate task. It is your responsibility to offer your child wholesome food options and enjoyable meal and snack times. Your youngster must choose which of these nutritious items to eat and how much to consume. Your child will learn to listen to his body and make good food choices if you approach eating in this manner. Additionally, there are fewer conflicts between parents and children over food. 
  • Nagging your child or striking deals with them. Just two more bites, two bites only! “You will receive dessert if you eat your vegetables.” Such tactics are ineffective over the long term. Children who quickly pick up on eating negotiations also pick up on bargaining and demanding rewards for other behaviours, such as getting their shoes on or brushing their teeth. And eventually, they won’t act until they receive something in return! 


Pro-Tip for Mamas’ 

It is important for you to know that, as your baby grow they will start teething and not all sort of foods will be suitable. It depends on their age and month and most important your milk supply initially! Here are some useful links for you to read on!

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