Pregnancy Myths : You can keep out of your way Mama!

A woman’s pregnancy is a lovely journey and a very significant time in her life. Even if it’s exciting, it also makes people anxious and uneasy. All around the world it’s common for mothers to take special care for themselves when they are expecting. Many people tend to give mothers advice and guidelines. It might be challenging to take in, process, and apply new information as some of them are not even true. Here we have listed some common pregnancy myths that are told to pregnant women.

Common Pregnancy Myths told to Mama’s!


Pregnancy Myth 1: You should not exercise when being pregnant! 

In general we know that exercising is good for everyone. But is it good for pregnant women? Pregnant women should exercise and it is recommended. You might need to adjust a few things. As long as you don’t have any difficulties or health issues, aerobic and strength-training workouts are advised also. It is good to keep yourself in shape by exercising. Additionally, it can aid in pain relief and labour preparation.

Before you begin a fitness routine or workout plan, it is best advisable for you to consult your healthcare physician. Find out how much, how frequently, and how intensely you can exercise. Ask for advice on how to exercise safely while pregnant as well. 

Get ready to stay fit mama! Don’t just listen to myths but remember the advice! 

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Pregnancy Myth 2: No travelling while being pregnant! 

Generally speaking, travelling by air or by car while expecting is OK. Be aware that you will probably feel better at ease travelling in the midst of your pregnancy before you make any trip arrangements. Typically, this takes 14 to 28 weeks. Morning sickness will be less common for you. Nevertheless, you won’t get so big that moving around is difficult.

Avoid driving for longer than 5 to 6 hours while doing so by car. The majority of airlines limit travel during the final weeks of pregnancy. Make sure to get up and stretch every couple of hours if you’re driving or flying. To stay hydrated, you should also consume adequate water. Also, forgo the roller coaster and the hot tub. Your body temperature can go too high in a hot tub. Theme park rides‘ abrupt starts and stops may increase your chance of placenta problems. 

Pack your bags and travel mama! Remember to stay safe and consult first! 

pregnancy myths eating

Pregnancy Myth 3: Eating dairy and peanuts can get your baby allergic to them

Unless you have a personal allergy to them or your doctor has advised you not to, it is absolutely safe to consume these foods. There is no proof that eliminating certain foods would stop your child from developing an allergy to them, but restricting your diet may harm your baby since you may not get all the nourishment you require.

Some foods are best avoided during pregnancy because of the potential for dangerous microorganisms. Some soft cheeses, patés, raw meat, raw fish, raw or partially cooked eggs, and soft-serve ice cream are among them.

Don’t skip your dairy otherwise mama! 

Pregnancy Myth 4 : Eat extra for your baby 

There is no proof that eating for two while pregnant is necessary. Depending on your height, weight, level of activity, and stage of pregnancy, you may need to consume more than usual. However, in general, most pregnant women should only consume 350 to 450 extra calories per day. That includes a few extra fruit snacks, hard-boiled eggs, or berry smoothies.Overeating is harmful to you and your unborn child. What matters is eating a balanced, healthful diet.

 Remember to eat healthy mama! 



Pregnancy Myth 5 : Push when it is the due date 

Your baby’s estimated 40th week is when you calculate when you’re due. Giving delivery before or after your scheduled due date is common. In actuality, it takes two extra weeks after your due date to qualify as a post-term pregnancy. A post-term pregnancy could develop if: 

  • Your first pregnancy is now
  • Your newborn is a male.
  • Your body mass index is at least 30. (obesity)
  • Due to an error in calculating your previous menstrual period, your due date was calculated incorrectly (LMP)

Your OB-GYN will carefully monitor the baby’s size, heart, weight, and position if you do go past your due date. If you or the baby’s health is in jeopardy, your OB-GYN may advise labour induction to encourage vaginal delivery. 

Worry not mama! It’s all okay even if it’s past your due! 

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Summing up about Pregnancy Myths

There are many other pregnancy myths being out there but we listed down for you those that are most common and close to you. So worry not mama, always seek advice from your doctor and keep close checks on your baby accordingly. Myths can always be proven wrong while some may be right, so seek advice moreover if you are a new mom! 

Bye bye Pregnancy Myths, here’s to being a responsible Mama that seeks professional advice instead! 


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