To all Dads-to-Be, from fellow Dads

In a pregnancy, it is not just the women who are moving on to their next phase of life. Men too, are getting ready to become dads! Sometimes when it comes to the topic of pregnancy, we tend to just focus on the mums-to-be. There are countless articles out there, sharing tips and tricks from fellow mums – but there are simply not enough for dads. That’s why in this article, we’d like to do something a little different. We bring to you interesting facts as well as experiences from our dads on the Mama’s Choice team.


How did you feel the moment you found out your wife was pregnant?

Deri: I was really happy, but at the same time, I felt like I just got older. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

Indra: For the first one, I was crazy excited! Second one though, came as a surprise haha

Fun facts

Hey dads, unlike women who experience physical changes during pregnancy, changes in men are not as obvious on the outside. Prospective fathers do actually go through hormonal changes. Their testosterone levels decrease significantly, and according to Medical News Today, this can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and higher cholesterol!

Deri, our Graphic Designer

What do you always do when your wife is pregnant?

Deri: Oh I’d do a lot, like rub her back for her before we sleep. Also, because she has to use the washroom more often, we would switch sleeping positions so that she has easier access

Indra: I help her finish her food haha as she has trouble finishing them by herself. She’d also ask to be held all night, and even though my arm would ache the next morning, it is nothing compared to what she has to go through

Fun facts

During the pregnancy as well as breastfeeding stage, just the touch from a husband really helps release oxytocin, also known as the ‘love hormone’! This helps calm and comfort your wife, not to mention relieve aches that she may feel. Therefore, practice frequently rubbing and hugging your wife! Even when they don’t finish their meals, say “it’s okay hun, I’ll finish it for you” while gently rubbing their back 😉


How can future fathers prepare better?

Deri: Hmm for me, I take extra care of my wife’s mood. Always be ready to help her out because it is just the two of us (now three!). I also ask questions and get advice from my friends who are already dads

Indra: Help her buy baby necessities, like diapers. Accompany her when looking for baby equipment. Be proactive!

Fun facts

Support, support, support! That is what every mom-to-be needs, to help her push through 40 weeks of pregnancy – and it doesn’t stop there, birth is only the beginning of the journey! Being a father of course also means new responsibilities. Emotional and physical involvement is crucial in navigating through this new journey together, as a couple. Solid communication and emotional control are key things to take note of too!


Any advice to other dads-to-be out there?

Deri: Communicate openly and well with your wife. Always be ready to step in and offer help, even with the little things. Step up and play an active role in this, don’t just play with your phone!

Indra: Work, don’t slack off! Take good care of your wife, don’t just prioritize your own comfort. Prove that you’re a good leader and provider of the family. All the best!


As a dad-to-be, it is also important to find information about what’s safe for your wife and future children. Learn more about what’s safe and what’s not here at Mama’s Choice Malaysia



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